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Best Books to Recharge a Mama’s Soul

This mother thing is hard and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.  It’s wonderfully fulfilling and I wouldn’t change a thing but that doesn’t mean us mama’s don’t need a recharge from time to time.  We hear it all the time – that we have to take care of ourselves so we’re able to take care of others – but many of us struggle to actually put that into practice.

It’s amazing the truth to that advice though.  During days or weeks that I feel like I’ve had time to focus on me, I’m more productive, happier and a much more patient person.  One of my secrets to keeping my soul feeling charged is reading.  I know our days are busy and even if the idea of curling up with a book may sound awesome, you may be wondering where you’d find the time?

I hear you.  Most days, I have to purposefully carve out a few minutes to read but I find that once I’m in the habit of reading, it becomes much more natural.  The best way to find time to read is to be reading something you can’t put down.  My favorite books are the ones that have me up way too late reading or sneaking in a few pages while the kids eat lunch.  I crave both nonfiction books that enrich my soul, making me a better women, wife and mother as well as fiction stories that I can get lost in.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favorites books to recharge:

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Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

This is hands-down the most life-changing parenting book I’ve read.  It doesn’t necessary offer any new information but paints it in such a way that it completely changed how I view my interactions with my kids.  A one sentence synopsis doesn’t do it justice but in short, it reminds us that we, as parents, should treat our children the same way Jesus treats us – with grace.  We should focus on the 3 fundamental needs all children have – for security, significance and strength. 

In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar

This fiction story is a beautifully written romance based on the story of Ruth and Boaz.  This was one of those books that had me sneaking away to devour the pages and I was disappointed when I finished that it was over.  I’d recommend this for women regardless of their faith if you’re looking for an easy to read story that will warm your heart.

Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney

Carolyn Mahaney goes through the seven virtues of a Titus 2 woman in such a practical and easy to relate to way that her words encourage you to embrace these virtues in your own life.  This is a book that woman of all walks of life can read and find words of wisdom in. 

The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz

I love reading a wide variety of books, so this one may seem like a wide deviation from my normal recommendations.  This is the fourth book in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, however the first written by a new author since the original author Stieg Larsson passed away.  It is written with the blessing of Larsson’s family and stays true to the original style and characters.  While it is quite long, the story will keep you hooked from the beginning. 

*This book does contain harsh language, themes and situations.

Teaching Your Children Values by Richard & Linda Eyre

Instilling our children with solid virtues is extremely high on the to-do for us as parents.  This straightforward book details a plan (1 “value” per month) and specific ideas of how to teach each value for various age ranges.  It is one of those books that will get re-read many times as our children continue to grow.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I’m late to the game with this one, it sat unread on the shelf for well over a year before I felt compelled to start reading it.  By the time I did, it had already been made into a movie but I have a thing about reading the book first.  I’m so glad I did too because the movie was good but the book was better.  The main heroine, Louisa Clark weaves an intricate story about the choices you make to keep the one you love happy.  


I’m always on the hunt for a good recommendation – fiction or nonfiction – so if you have any, I’d love to hear it!  Share your favorite recent book in the comments below.

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