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Liebster Award 2017

In the world of bloggers, there are a few “awards” that makes the rounds to help new bloggers gain exposure and existing bloggers get to know some new faces.  The Liebster Award is one of them and last week I was nominated by Karen over at M.O.B. Truths (thanks!!!).  Karen is a “real-life” friend I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the last 4+ years and she blogs about her life as a mom of three boys over at M.O.B. Truths.  If your house is filled with boys or you’re just looking for a friendly voice in this world of motherhood, definitely check her out!

As part of the award, I have to complete a few “tasks” assigned by Karen so here goes…

10 Facts About Me

  1. My middle name is Kelly, which is my mom’s maiden name.  My 2 siblings and almost all of my cousins on that side of the family have the same middle name too!
  2. Speaking of cousins, I have 24 first cousins.
  3. We have 6 chickens in the backyard who give us the best tasting eggs I’ve ever had.  I dream of one day expanding it to be our own little homestead.
  4. I grew up being one of multiple Katelynne’s (never spelt the same though!) in almost every class, so when we picked names for our kids it was really important that they would be unique (but not weird).
  5. I met my husband when I was 14 years old and almost immediately knew we would get married one day.
  6. I’m allergic to all animals with fur.
  7. My perfect day would be a cold day surrounded by endless coffee and books.
  8. According to the Myers–Briggs personality test, I’m a 97% introvert.
  9. I’ve been writing for pleasure ever since I learned to hold a pencil.
  10. We are currently homeschooling and it has been such a blessing for our family.

Answer These Questions

Why did you start a blog?

I started my first (now offline) blog to keep my husband in the loop with what we were doing at home while we was at work.  It has morphed over the years into the.disguised.supermom that exists today but my husband is still the #1 person I write for.

If you could swap places with one celebrity for a day, who would it be, and why?

Joanna Gaines – because, well she’s amazing!  Do I even need to explain more?

If you could shadow one of your friends in his/her occupation for a day, who would it be, and why?

I have multiple friends who are nurses and I wish there was a “bring a friend” to work day.  I love the calling behind the occupation and have always been curious if I would have the stomach for it.

Beer or wine?  Coffee or tea?  Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?  Morning person or night owl?

Neither, I’m not a drinker

Coffee – the stronger, the better

Dark chocolate

Morning person

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is that I won’t have made the most of this life.  When I get to heaven, I want to confidently stand before Jesus and say “I’ve used up everything you gave me” not “I probably could have done more but I was happy and comfortable.”

If readers could sum up your blog in one word, what would you want that word to be?



Now for the fun part… passing along the nomination to 5 other awesome bloggers!  In no particular order, I nominate the following….

Tasks for the nominees:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to her blog in your post.
  • Upload the award seal to your blog (in your post or on your blog page)
  • Share 10 facts about yourself
  • Answer these questions:
    • Why did you start a blog?
    • If you could describe your perfect day, what would it be like?
    • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
    • What is your biggest fear?
    • If readers could sum up your blog in one word, what would you want that word to be?
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers for the Liebster Award.
  • Notify the nominees so they can write their post and accept the award.

Happy Blogging!

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